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Neurovision - Siberian Super Natural Nutrition

Innovative program for high intellectual capacity support and visual acuity: high dosage and supreme digestibility of active substances.
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Adults take 1 pack once a day with meals.


Complex No. 1 (orange capsule), 40 capsules × 610 mg:
Incromega™ docosahexaenoic acid concentrate extracted from deep-sea fish oil, FloraGLO® natural lutein, CaroCare® natural beta-carotene, OptiSharp® natural zeaxanthin.

COMPLEX No. 2 (dark-colored capsule), 20 Vcaps® vegetarian capsules × 440 mg:
bilberry berries extract (standardized to anthocyanins content), ginkgo biloba extract (standardized to flavonol glycosides content) by Finzelberg™, Memree PS™ 70P lecithin (natural phosphatidylserine), ginseng extract (standardized to ginsenoside content) by Finzelberg™, sage extract.

Active ingredients in 1 pack (3 capsules)

Component name Weight, mg % of RDI*
Docosahexaenoic acid 800 114**
Lutein 10 200**
Zeaxanthin 2,15 215**
Beta-carotene 5 100
Anthocyanins 54 108**
Flavonol glycosides 30 100
Ginsenosides 4 80

* RDI – Recommended daily maintenance
** Does not exceed the upper allowable level of consumption.

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